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Comedy club etiquette

I recently watched Michael Richards on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I adore him, long before Kramer he was Stanley Spadowski in UHF and Fejos in Transylvannia 6-5000, a comedic genius.
He mentioned the "incident" from 2006 and it took me a minute to realize what he was referring to. One quick google search and I remember the headline "Michael Richards racist rant".
I hate hecklers. Comedians are such fickle creatures, and there's nothing on this planet worse then a heckler. Not even a moment of racist slurs. 
Then I remembered I wrote an article after leaving the comedy club I worked at for a year, about how to behave at a comedy club, cause I was so fed up with the whole scene. The experience was surprisingly, an eye-opening study on human behaviour. 

Here it is:

"So you got bad service at a comedy club...." 

Having just left my position managing an anonymous club in an anonymous city, I feel I could provide you with some insight into wh…