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March 2020

My brain keeps trying to escape this thing. This virus is everywhere I look when I’m out and about. Every empty street, every closed shop is a reminder that the world is not how it’s always been. 
I hear Bernadettes wishes to go swimming or see a friend, and my brain try’s to conjure up a plan. Maybe if we go to a pool in a different town, with her cousins-instead of her friends. 
But then I’m reminded this thing has no boundary, it’s in every town and city, affecting every person we know or have ever known in one way or another. 
And so we go home where it’s not everywhere I look, unless I go searching for it. Which I do several times a day.
And the reminders of life going on, by way of the birds in the window, the cat napping as usual, and the seeds we planted starting to sprout. This thing can’t take everything away, only the things we’ve grown to enjoy doing that aren’t as important as our health. The most important. And the reason why we’re all doing this. 
Yesterday she cried because…

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