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The first time I heard the word, it was being used to describe me. It was a woman next to me on a Greyhound, as I showed her our Peterborough Newsletter 'Crab Basket'. I thought it was a compliment. I hoped it was a compliment. I learned its meaning.

Oh shit, I thought.
I have a lot of that.

After Bar Party

Ryan took the globe off it’s stand and it rolled around the house like a giant ball of yarn. The cats and the wanna-be rockers joined in on the game. Sweet Child O Mine came on and the house was transformed for a few minutes, the globe being thrown around the room while everyone screamed ‘Where is the globe now.’
No one rolled up in the carpet or went under the table, but Curtis had to climb through the bedroom window, smashing it in the process.
We declared Sunday White Trash day and ate nothing but hot dogs, olives, and swiss cheese directly from the brick.

Ramsay Newsletter

In 2005 Ryan Fox and I lived happily in Bridgeland, next to a nice Italian family. One day, out of the blue, our landlords informed us that our beautiful green bungalow was being torn down to make way for two large grey houses. Our house was almost 100 years old and had a laundry chute from the bedroom closet to the top of the washing machine, so, pretty handy.
*(I made a short film in that house, that turned into a shorter film, and then not really a film at all. You can watch it here if you wish: Super 8 Film.)
In any case, it was a travesty for us, but an opportunity for them. Rental houses can be difficult to find in Calgary and moving in the winter sucks, so we were a little worried.
A few weeks later I came across a nice top floor in Ramsay for rent. "Where's Ramsay?" I asked Ryan. “Ooh, let’s move there, I love Ramsay!” That weekend we set out on a big old walk across the river to take a look.

Across the Langevin bridge, through East Village, and past Fort Calgary w…