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The 7 Day Pedestrian Challenge

I've created a series of walking routes that everyday folks can take to get a glimpse of what it's like to be car-less in Calgary. Ideally,  politicians/decision-makers would be required to, before making decisions that affect only pedestrians and cyclists.

Created after years of passive-aggressively storming around crosswalks, by blending my personal experience with Dustin Jones' research into the most dangerous intersections in the city of Calgary - based on pedestrian-vehicle accidents (see here). 
The Rules: Walk one route per day Try to walk on a day that the temperature is below -10 (and snowing!), as inclement weather is a major factor in pedestrian-vehicle accidents, and may affect yours and others' behaviour. When you're safe to do so, record your findings, including other pedestrians behaviour, vehicles' behaviour, and near-misses.  Route 1
This is an easy one. Hide your car keys, and head to the Calgary Transit website. Find the route from your home …

Mondays are okay, it's your job that sucks.

I liked this movie a lot. That is all.