Not only was I late, we eventually were fired.

To be fair, we both agreed that if we go to this show tonight, there's a chance we may not go to work tomorrow. We took that chance, because it was The Nightstalkers in High River!

We drank whisky and water out of beer bottles at the bar. We had to sneak in through the back door, and I vaguely remember dancing.

After 2, we went to Davey's house for a party, but were ushered into a child’s bedroom at the house. Go to bed.

We woke a few hours later only to find Venom, spiderman’s enemy, as a life-size plush toy. Angela screamed.

 We got up and went out,  Davey pointed at me and said “Who the hell is she?”

We crashed Ryan’s sleeping party downstairs. Slept again, and woke up to Ang saying different kinds of milky drinks she wished she had. China Whites. White Russians.

We spent too much time at 7/11 picking up Dr. Pepper and beef jerky. We have to get to work! Drive faster!

Angela threw the rest of the whisky into the Dr. Pepper on the way to work, and for that reason, I blame her for everything that followed.

We drank leprechaun drinks and served tables while Ang bartended. I told Ang I was fired from McDonalds and she immediately laid face down behind the bar. Not the reaction I expected.

By the end of the day, she’d go to get someone a beer, and end up sitting down by the beer fridge. A guy at the bar called his friend and told him to get down here now, it's so awesome.

And, that was that. Goodbye Watchmans Pub.

April 2016

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